Burn Permit Application


Yard debris may not be burned during the closed season. However, removing overgrown vegetation is important work to defend against wildfires. Lane Forest Products, Rexius, or Lane County’s transfer stations and dumpsites are resources available to the community to dispose of debris. Composting and chipping are also encouraged.

LRAPA has published a factsheet providing information on non-burning disposal alternatives for natural vegetation in Lane County.

Residents who burn during the closed season are subject to violations ranging from $50 to $2,500 or more.

The Lane County Fire Defense Board will decide to open the fall burning season on October 1 or delay its opening due to high fire risk.

People can check on the season’s status by going online at www.lrapa.org, or calling the LRAPA daily open burning advisory line: 541-726-3976. Coastal residents may call: 541-997-1757.

Campfires are still allowed, using only split wood/camp fire wood in an approved fire pit and subject to the fire danger level determined by the Oregon Forestry Department. High and Extreme fire danger days will be posted on our home page and reader board: no camp fires are allowed during Extreme fire danger. 


Alternative Disposal Info

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