Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many fire stations does Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue have?

A:There are seven active fire stations and one logistics warehouse station:

  • Station #1 is our Central Station at 2625 Highway 101 (also Admin Office)
  • Station #2 is our Old Town Station located at 243 Laurel Street
  • Station #3 is our North Fork Station located at 09181 North Fork Road
  • Station #4 is our Sutton Station located at 88973 Sutton Road
  • Station #5 is our Canary Station located at 06955 Canary Road
  •  Station #6 is our Ada Station located at Canary Road and Fiddlecreek
  •  Station #7 is our Logistics Warehouse located at 3251 Oak Street
  • Station # 8 is our Clear Lake Station located at 83345 Clear Lake Road


Q: Are our fire stations staffed by career firefighters 24 hours a day?

A: Yes, we staff our Central Fire Station 24-hours daily and augment with volunteer firefighters that are usually at their work during normal work hours on weekends and on on-call basis.


Q: What do the career firefighters do during their work day while they are waiting for an emergency call?

A: Our career firefighters move from station to station and perform the majority of fire station and apparatus maintenance, hopefully saving the taxpayers money in maintenance costs.


Q: How do you become a volunteer firefighter?

A: It is best to stop by our Central Fire Station during normal working hours and pick up an application package. There is also an application that can be downloaded from this website.


Q: What is the process to become a volunteer firefighter?

A: There are several steps before one can be considered a firefighter:

  •  An interview is scheduled with a Chief Officer
  • After a successful interview, a criminal background is done
  • A list of potential volunteers is established
  • Volunteers attend an entry-level volunteer firefighter academy which generally takes place twice a year
  • Upon completion of the entry level academy, volunteer firefighters are assigned to the appropriate fire station and can then go out on all calls and participate in the weekly drill programs that provide training to meet national standards.


Q: What are the participation requirements of a volunteer firefighter?

A: Our requirements are the same as the State of Oregon; sixty (60) hours annually.


Q: Is burning allowed within the City of Florence?

A: By City Ordinance, there is no brush burning within the City Limits except for warming or a cooking fire using dry split wood.


Q: Is burning allowed outside the City of Florence?

A: Yes, but it is during non-fire season and is regulated by both the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency and the Oregon Department of Forestry. If you wish to burn your yard clippings (no household trash, tires, etc.), you must call the 24-hour Outdoor Burning Advisory line at 997-1757 and apply for a burn permit with Siuslaw Valley Fire.


Q: Is a campfire (warming or cooking) allowed on the beaches?

A: Yes, small, in wet sand away from driftwood with split wood and regulated by ODF during fire season.


Q. Is there someone that can assist with problems with our smoke alarm?

A. Yes, call the Fire Marshal at 541-997-3212.


Q: What radio frequencies does Siuslaw Valley Fire use?

A: To receive our radio frequency, program your scanner to 155.265.


Q: What should one do if they are concerned about their child’s relationship with fire?

A: You should call the Central Station at 997-3212 for information on Juvenile Fire Setting Counseling.


Q. Does the fire district service fire extinguishers?

A: No, there are local companies that service fire extinguishers in the phone book.


Q. Does the fire district perform C.P.R. classes?

A. No. Call the Western Lane Ambulance District at 997-9614. Classes are held on the second Saturday of each month.


Q. Does the fire district perform any disaster preparation classes?

A: Yes, call the Fire Department at 997-3212 to be put on the list for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, Are You Ready training, or Map Your Neighborhood training.

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