ISO Information

Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue ISO Rating

Properties located within five road miles of a fire station qualify for the 4/10 rating.

Properties that are located within five to seven road miles of a fire station could qualify for a 10-W rating if there is a credible water source within 1,000 feet of the property.

SVFR recommends that you contact your property insurance provider to advise them of the 4/10 rating and to determine if you qualify for a reduction in your property insurance.

The GREEN line on the attached map shows the areas in the SVFR District that are within FIVE miles of a fire station and qualify for the Class-4 rating.

Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue Station Location:

Central Station #1
(541) 997-3212
2625 Hwy 101
Florence, OR. 97439

-staffed 24/7 –

Sutton Station #4
(541) 997-3493
88973 Sutton Lake Rd.
Florence, OR. 97439
Old Town Station #2
(541) 997-2115
243 Laurel St
Florence, OR. 97439
Canary Station #5
(541) 997-3494
06955 Canary Rd.
Florence, OR. 97439
North Fork Station #3
(541) 997-1816
09181 North Fork Rd.
Florence, OR. 97439
Clear Lake Station #8
(541) 997-1765
83345 Clear Lake Rd.
Florence, OR. 97439

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