Operations Division

Under the direction of Division Chief Jim Dickerson
The Operations Division is responsible for making certain that the district’s apparatus and equipment are in good working order, ready to be utilized for fires, motor vehicle crashes, medical aid calls, search and rescue events, water rescues, dunes rescues, and high angle rappelling. Likewise, our firefighting personnel must be fully trained with the appropriate certifications in order to respond to the wide variety of emergency events. The district’s facilities to which the firefighters respond must be well-maintained to house the apparatus and equipment.

Safety and training of our firefighters is our #1 priority. We host two entry level firefighter academies per year. Our volunteer firefighters are required to successfully complete an entry level firefighter academy prior to being allowed to respond on emergency events. After completing entry level training, we teach Firefighter I classes each week in an effort to allow our 60+ volunteer firefighters to continue to enhance their firefighting skills and education.

We utilize two paid firefighters and one Battalion Chief during the day Monday through Friday to maintain our stations and apparatus assuring their readiness in emergency situations. Their weeks are filled with maintaining and cleaning of all firefighting protective clothing and equipment, hose testing, pump testing, self-contained breathing apparatus maintenance and testing, apparatus maintenance, repairs and safety checks, and communication equipment maintenance, as well as cleaning and maintaining our eight fire stations, just to touch on some of their responsibilities while on duty. They conduct their work while always staying prepared to immediately respond on emergency events.

Working with the budget officer, we have developed a replacement schedule for all apparatus and firefighting equipment and budget accordingly so we can purchase the needed firefighting apparatus and equipment throughout the year.


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