Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue (SVFR) is excited to announce an expanded business program that will be starting soon. The object of this program, is to work with our local businesses to insure we keep our community, their staff, patrons, and other local business’ safe. We can only do this, by teaming up with our local business owners, to take every precaution to be fire wise, and make sure they don’t have a fire.

How will this work? First, Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue will call local business owners to set up an appointment, and then mail or email a pamphlet with pre-inspection information. Second, a trained team of inspectors will come into your business to inspect for possible fire hazards or other issues that could pose a threat of fire. Third, we will help create a plan to fix issues or just give guidance. Fourth, we will document the inspection for your records (your insurance company will like this). Finally, we will do a follow-up inspection, if necessary (our goal is to only inconvenience you once).

As the fire department, we feel there is a strong need in our community to assist in this matter. We can only accomplish this with your cooperation. As we move forward with this program, we hope that everyone involved will do their part in making Florence safer. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me Tony Miller at 541-997-3212, or email me at

Thank You!
Tony Miller
Fire Prevention Captain

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